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Change Bowl / a great gift idea for a man. 

Subject: Change Bowl
Created: 2021-02-14
Time spent: About 3 hours

Wood: Walnut
Origin: Hoofdweg 50, 4411 AR Rilland, NL
Coordinates: 51.417249, 4.177949
Date found: Spring 2019 I cut down this tree in my own frontgarden. 

One of the YouTube channels that I'm subscribed to is Mike Peace. He has a lot of good stuff going on and I was inspired by a gift idea he posted last year for making a Change Bowl or 'Man Bowl', a great gift for a man. There's a link in the video so you can see for yourself. I might even make several of these to give away to people who give me wood. You never know when that is going to happen so you'd better have some in stock.

Finish: Woodturners Wax (Baptist)