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Subject: Waterlogged Willow Bowl
Created: 2020-06-07
Time spent: ~ 5 hours, a lot of sanding.

Wood: Willow 
Origin: Zimmermanweg, Rilland NL
Coordinates: 51.404314, 4.172522
Date found: Sept 2019. 
Found next to a ditch after dredging works. 

The blank has been in my shed for several months and was ready to turn.
The other half had already become a bowl which I gave to my parents. 
That one still cracked quite a bit.
Moisture level around 15% at the core. 

2021-04-01:This bowl was given away in exchange for free wood.

Finish: Lemon Oil & Wax
Reasonably happy with the finish. 
Some toolmarks were difficult to get out and still show up as white lines.
Lots of sanding! Bottom not 100% smooth.