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Subject: Ashtray for my friend Eric
Created: 2019-12-18
Time spent: > 8 hours, mostly sanding

Wood: Willow 
Origin: Brugweg, Bath NL
Coordinates: 51.395512, 4.233355
Date found: Summer 2019, leftovers from logging work. 
Over the summer I took several pieces home after walking the dogs.
This was from one of the biggest pieces.

Got the idea from YouTube channel 'Woodworking 220-7'. 
Video 'Turning a natural edge cigar ashtray from spalting log'.
My friend Eric is a cigar smoker and I made this as a Christmas gift for him.
The slots for the cigars were milled with a 20mm 4-flute mill on my milling table.
The 120 degree angles were set using my rotary head. 
This made sure the slots are all in the same plane with an accuracy of better than 0.1mm. 
Made an Aluminium inlay for putting out the cigars. It is polished and has a slight cove in the middle.