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Subject: Fruitbowl ~32cm
Created: 2020-02-01
Time spent: about 4 hours, probably a bit less.

Wood: Walnut
Origin: Hoofdweg 50, 4411 AR Rilland, NL
Coordinates: 51.417249, 4.177949
Date found: Spring 2019 I cut down this tree in my own frontgarden 
Cut quite a few turning blanks from this, most of them are still drying.

We cut several sections of the tree into boards with my Alaskan Mill. 
The top & bottom part are then left over because they are too round.
These were turned into bowl blanks for 30-35cm bowls with a hight of about 10cm. 
This is the second fruit bowl that I made from this wood. It was still far more wet than I had hoped.
I already made a similar bowl on my previous lathe which has warped in all directions. 
Probably this one will do the same.

Finish: Yorkshire Grit & Woodturners Wax (stick).
This bowl worked out quite well. Sanded up till 240 and then applied Yorkshire Grit.
On top of that I applied the wax by rubbing the stick against the piece. 
Then I used a cloth to spread it evenly over the piece and this also produced a dull gloss.
I hope the wax coating slow the drying a bit and so reduce the warping. We'll see!