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Subject: My First Platter
Created: 2020-05-31
Time spent: about 2 hours

Wood: Walnut
Origin: Hoofdweg 50, 4411 AR Rilland, NL
Coordinates: 51.417249, 4.177949
Date found: Spring 2019 I cut down this tree in my own frontgarden. 
A part of the tree was cut-up into slabs. This slab was leftover from making a footbench.

My very first Platter. Moisture content was 10-15% and I'm confident that it will stay whole.
The blank was 28cm in diameter, the Platter came out 27,5 so well done! 

Later I turned it down to 26cm so that it would fit in the kitchen cabinet.

Finish: Yorkshire Grit, Shellac-based Sanding Sealer