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Tag: 1020

Subject: Turtle Box
Created: 2020-08-23
Time spent: about 12 hours

Wood: Ash
Origin: Communal Recycling Center Kruiningen
Coordinates: 51.457915, 4.037778
Date found: Can't remember.

The idea for this video came from Russia. Have you ever watched Древо. Искусство точения ? Some of you know that I'm regularly watching Russian channels but this guy is a Wizzard! He makes the greatest things with basic tools, a simple lathe and lots of skill. The video where I got the idea from is here:
However, this guy has lots more to offer. Please check him out!
After watching the video I figured this was something I wanted to try and copy. That turned out to be a bit more difficult than I initially thought but eventually I pulled it off. The shape came out a bit different than the original but I like it the way it looks now. It was a matter working with what I had and with objects like this, I guess no two will ever be the same. As with all things you do for the first time: the next one is going to be so much better!

Finish: Yorkshire Grit, Home-made Shellac.