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Tag: 1011

Subject: Conventional Cedar Bowl
Created: 2020-04-24
Time spent: about 4 hours.

Wood: Cedar (Conifeer)
Origin: Communal Recycling Center Kruiningen
Coordinates: 51.457915, 4.037778
Date found: 2020-02-28 This was a chunk of the stem cut off by a chainsaw and dumped.
I cut it in half and used one section to make this bowl. 
The other half became a natural edge bowl (T1010) one week earlier.

Description: Just made this bowl because the wood was lying inside my shop and dry enough to turn.

Finish: Danish Oil, allowed to dry for about one day.
Then wiped off, rubbed with dry shavings & applied Rustin's Sanding Sealer.
Afterwards I had to re-sand the inside somewhat because of raised fibers from applying sanding sealer.