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Tag: 1021

Subject: Jewelry Box for Romy  (c)Mustardpiece
Created: 2020-10-02
Time spent: about 16 hours

Wood: Walnut/Padauk/Driftwood/Mysterywood
Origin: Hoofdweg 50, 4411 AR Rilland, NL
Coordinates: 51.417249, 4.177949

Date found: 
-Walnut from my own tree.
-Driftwood was found long ago at the seaside (westerschelde).
-Padauk from (bought).
-Mystery wood found outside Lidl in Parchim.

This is a follow-up on the ashtray for Micha.
Romy also has her birthday upcoming and Tim said she could use an uplift.
Apart from this, I just wanted to see if I could pull this off.

Finish: Yorkshire Grit, Home-made Shellac.