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Subject: Large Fruitbowl
Created: 2019-12-26
Time spent: > 8 hours, mostly sanding

Wood: Unknown, probably Chestnut.
Origin: Communal Recycling Center Kruiningen
Coordinates: 51.457915, 4.037778
Date found: December 2019, a ~40cm high section of the trunk, dumped by someone else. 
Actually its not allowed to take anything back from the RC, you are supposed to only bring stuff.
However, many people are taking pieces of wood, mostly for firewood.
I cut two 20cm bowl blanks from the sides with my chainsaw plus several more or less square blanks 
from the pith area.
Since it looked quite dry I had to turn one half as soon as I found the time. 
The other half is still in my woodpile. 

This was finally a piece for a really large bowl and I was quite happy when I found it.
Although it looked very promising, the wood appeared to be rather punky in some sections.
This caused a lot of tearout which was hard to get rid of, did a lot of sanding on this one. 
Still I'm quite satisfied with the result. Since its creation, a few cracks have appeared but it is still functional.