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Subject: Yarnbowl for Anne
Created: 2020-03-01
Time spent: about 6 hours.

Wood: Unknown (Linde?)
Origin: Communal Recycling Center Kruiningen
Coordinates: 51.457915, 4.037778
Date found: 2020-02-28 This was a ~80cm long branch of considerabe diameter.
When found, the wood was already quite hard & dry. 
The top part was rotten/hollow and turned into firewood.

The previous Yarn Bowls were a bit on the tiny side so I need a bigger piece of wood.
My first Yarn Bowl (#1002) has cracked horribly and is in fact no longer usable.
The usable part of this wood was cut in two parts, one of which became this Yarn Bowl. 
Always a risk but I was hoping it would be OK. 
This one was made out of a crotch piece. 
It has an inside diameter of slightly over 20cm and internal height of 18cm.
On Saturday I turned the outside, on Sunday I did the hollowing.
That took quite a bit of time while was trying to get an even thickness of about 8mm.
After sanding the outside up to 180-240, the surface was already pretty shiny. 

Finish: Yorkshire Grit & Rustin's Sanding Sealer.
Afterwards I had to re-sand the inside somewhat because of raised fibers from applying sanding sealer.